I've put together some instructions on how to build Phoenix on Solaris. Take a look.

I have also put together some directions on how to boot Linux on an SGI IP22 type system. Take a look.

Here's a work in progress to get weather forecasts from the NWS.

Here's a list of articles that I have written. Enjoy, or something.

Here's something I'm trying to put together for Camry owners who want to do their own service. Take a gander.

Here are a few blurbs about SPARCLinux.

In an effort to revive tradition, here's a few bits about GnuPG and IDEA

To complement my in-person ranting, I've decided to rant in a written format.

I've posted some of my fun with astronony.

Here is some textual fun in the form of Ad-libs.

Here are some RSS feeds from news sites and the such.

I've decided that computers suck. The only way to make it less bad is to talk about my "fun" with computing. This replaces the Linux problems section I used to have.

Since I can't tell the difference between red and a hole in the ground, I have written a color-matching program in Javascript.

My work is in the field of embedded computing, so here are some notes.

Else, there is nothing new.

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